The Difficult Airway: Updated

Hello, and Happy fall!  Welcome back to the blog for some more Emergency Medicine goodness.  I hope you are all safe and well, and enjoying the cooler fall weather that has finally arrived.

This month’s topic focuses on one of the cornerstone skills of Emergency Medicine: Airway Management.  And specifically, what do you do do and how do you prepare to manage the anticipated (and unanticipated) difficult airway scenario?  While we could talk about this for hours . . . or days . . . and still not cover every possible scenario, this talk is designed more to help you develop a mental framework for management of the difficult airway with a more structured and controlled approach.

Since it would be impossible to cover all the topics we’ll touch on in enough depth without making the presentation six hours long, here are some additional resources we mention in the discussion for your reference and further perusal:

The 2015 Difficult Airway Society Guidelines: das-2015-guidelines

Delayed Sequence Intubation: A Prospective, Observational Trial: dsi

Links to the debate over Video laryngoscopy vs Direct laryngoscopy:
EMCrit blog post: Has video laryngoscopy killed direct laryngoscopy?
Life in the Fast Lane Blog: Video vs. Direct Laryngoscopy
R.E.B.E.L EM Blog: Video vs Direct Laryngoscopy for trainees

And as always, please feel free to post comments and leave feedback.  Thanks, and have a happy Halloween!

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