Sepsis 3.0: The good, the bad, and the . . . different

Hi everybody!  It’s great to be back with you again.  It’s been too long between posts again . . . somehow life and work are always there to keep me from getting to this like I should.  You’d think that I would know by now that these always take longer to produce than I think they will.  I’m sorry for the wait.  🙂

This month’s topic is sepsis 3.0 . . . it’s a little discussion about the new definition of sepsis that was published in JAMA this spring.  I think there’s both some good and some bad in the new definition, so I thought it would be a good topic to talk about.   And as always, please feel free to post comments, leave feedback, or start a discussion in the comments section.  There is a link to a CME quiz at the top of the page, and this talk is good for an hour of AMA category 1 CME!

AS you might imagine, sepsis is a complicated topic, and there is no way to do it justice in one 40 minute talk.  There are some great resources out there, and here are some links to some of the resources I used when I was just starting to do my research for this discussion:

R.E.B.E.L. EM:

EMCrit blog: and

PulmCrit blog:

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