Updates in Anticoagulation 2015

Hi!  I apologize for the delay in publishing this presentation . . . . the plan was actually to publish this last month, but due to life, work, and technical Snafus, it was a bit later in production than I had hoped to be.  There are still one or two small audio glitches, and the audio seems to contain a few comments from a certain geriatric feline who insistently wanted attention while I was trying to produce this video.  🙂

Before we begin, I’d like to be clear that the viewpoints expressed in this presentation are my own opinions.  Feel free to disagree or leave comments.  I have no financial ties or conflicts of interest with any of the companies that make any of these drugs or products.  I just have some strong opinions, and one of those strong opinions is that I hate warfarin, and would love nothing more than to see this drug disappear from our clinical practice.    With that said, please enjoy this update!  CME is available to Dignity Health Providers, and the link to this month’s CME quiz is under the “CME Quiz” link at the top of this page.

I have also made a little “cheat sheet” for all the novel oral anticoagulant drugs, and I have uploaded it below for you to open and save.

Novel Oral Anticoagulant Cheat Sheet

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